It is best to supply an Ayurvedic clinic with different forms of the herbs such as powder, capsule, arishtam, lehyam etc. This is so that you are well prepared for any Rogi that may come through your doors. Different stages of the imbalance and the lifestyle of a Rogi will all play a role in the form in which you choose to be best fit for treatment. In our experience, due to the modern day fast paced society, when choosing between powder or capsule, the capsules tend to be a better fit for lifestyle convenience.                                                                        

100ml oil bottle vs the new 200ml oil bottle:

We have a new line of product labeling that has an exciting modern and bright design. We took the feedback from our customers and upgraded from a 100ml bottle to a larger 200ml bottle for our oil line. Perhaps you were previously receiving the 100ml sized bottles as the new bottles are now 200ml size and much nicer design.